The curse of the crying boy!

 Another chapter of my life before Buddha. Hope you enjoy and if you do please plant a tree! 

Chapter 57 - The curse of the crying boy

Everything couldn't have been running better business ways in my life in 2010 when I was 30 years old, my new city centre shop was flying, the cash for gold was making me a fortune, I was slowly growing the Ecig business, serendipity was the busiest ever and my junk removal / house clearance business was the number 1 in the country!

At this stage I'd say about 90% of my business activities were legit, I was however still importing fake perfume and Tiffany, Pandora and Link of London jewelry sets in from China, I had made an excellent connection out there and these fakes were the best you could get and at the price I was buying these for it was hard to give up and I had a safe guarded way of bringing them into the country through years of experience and taking many looses, this was not something I wanted to give up and this also kept my delboy dad happy, at this stage my delboy dad was not as big in the wheeling and dealing world as he used to be, he was getting old, but he could sell the stuff I was getting in no problem as it was unique and no one else really had it, thousands of units a week he was selling for me which was making me thousands of pounds!

Me being me I had to keep my finger in some sort of dodgy activity, guess thats why I love phantom planting these days without asking permission, its keep that rascal in me happy!

But back to the curse of the crying boy, we did this house clearance once and I was by the furnace sorting everything out and burning all what we didnt need and this props guy who was big into the movie making scene was up buying stuff and he seen this picture sitting that had just came from a house clearance we did and he said you need to burn that!

I was like what? why whats up?

He said thats the curse of the crying boy painting, everyone in the 1970s had massive bonfires across the UK burning these pictures as lots of peoples were cursed and had bad luck having these.

You know when he said this, my life really couldn't have been better but I remember thinking, I've had some run of good luck in my life up until now and got away with some dodgy things, but something in me then when looking at that picture sensed darkness was coming.

I choose not to follow the guys advice in burning the picture but not long after this the downward spiral was about to begin, the next lot of chapters are going to be pain, turmoil and suffering. 

It wasnt until many years later when I managed to rear my head above the cesspit I was in that I remembered about this picture and what this guy told me and I started to research into it and it turns out that back in the 1970s these pictures were really popular and many people had these prints of the panting done by Giovanni Bragolin hanging in their houses.

It was the firemen when being called out to house fires that noticed these paintings in many of the houses they were called out too were still hanging on the wall intact and untouched while the rest of the house was gutted with the fire. 

So when these types of stories got about everyone freaked out who had these pictures and thought they were cursed, so everyone had these bonfires burning them all. 

It turned out the though the materials used in making these pictures were highly fire retardant. 

Looking back at me receiving this picture maybe that thought of being cursed back then was enough to ripen the negative that I had lurking in the background. 

You see I read in one of the Buddhist scriptures before about curses and how others can maybe cast a curse on you and it says that yes this is possible for people or demons to curse you but all they can do is ripen any negative karma that you've created yourself faster bringing dark times into your life.

So if you have no negative karma created and you've been a good soul and generated lots of good merit and good karma then nothing can curse you, no other demon or evil diety can have a hold over you.

I believe the way of our world is controlled by a demonic energy, I mean look at how we live, we are nothing but educated parasites living of the back of mother nature, the armies of the world, the normalising of killing in the name of what ever fictional patriotic belief, when we kill or hurt thats coming back to us, we will never escape that, its all creating negative karma for us following these ways of lunacy of competition, greed, pride, hate and divide and while we have all built up this bank of negative karma the demonic energies of the world are keeping us exactly where we're wanted, keeping us under their curse.

The following chapters I got what I deserved, the negative karma I had built up for years just bubbling under the surface was about to erupt and many years it went on for until I found the way of the Buddha.....

Ps nows the time to be getting out and trimming around any phantom planted trees you have on council land so the grass cutters don't have to come so close to your trees and its letting them know your looking after your trees, dont give the phantom planters a bad name! 

Peace and love


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