The magic of planting trees

 Here's a story why no tree that I've ever phantom planted was a waste of time, not even the ones that have been destroyed!!!

Around 7 years ago I met this old man one day at the garage who is 87 today struggling to put air in his tyres, I offered to help him and me being me I couldn't shut up about the Buddha, yoga, trees and how it changed my life!

He thought I had told him that I was into judo so he got home and decided to try and find me by contacting judo clubs in Belfast looking for a tree planting Buddhist, he had no luck!

Around about that time I had a fruit tree planting charity and a tree of mine got cut down and the stump discarded over a hedge and the rest of the tree must have been shredded, I was devastated at this and went to the papers with the story!

My old mate was sitting reading the paper one day and there was me in the paper holding my decapitated tree stump!

He contacted the paper to get my details and we have become best friends ever since, I see him every day!

The tree stump I kept for a couple of years out the back of my cabin in a black bag and miraculously it came back to life and is now potted up and in my old mates garden growing away like a champion to this day!

I have similar stories like this about other trees that have been ripped out or vandalised and something really special has came out of it, no tree phantom planted is ever a waste of time!

You can see in the pics the tree stump that was discarded over the hedge and a photo of the apple tree in flower which was taken last spring!

Amazing the way life unfolds when we have good intentions and actions, Karma means action, actions create reactions, I've put out enough bad actions in the past which came back to haunt me, even if the old me had of been doing good things there was always a hidden agenda, profiteering was the goal at all times, it was just masked with the delusion of being a Do Gooder!

Now I like to be true to myself and I genuinely want to phantom plant fruit trees for the community and nature to enjoy with no hidden motives and not expecting anything back, I just think its right that we all level up on a personal basis with mother nature and do our bit for the community! 

But somehow in return it all just comes back anyway, my life has never felt so enriched with less than I've ever had!

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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