Whats your life purpose?

 Love how the families come back to the trees in the phantom planters HQ! 

Best thing I've ever did with my life guys is what im doing now, there's nothing left in societies crazy ways that tickle me anymore,  its all one big soul destroying novelty, I'm not intrested in the fancy clothes, fast cars, big houses, buxom blondes and the flamboyant lifestyle that comes with money anymore, been there - done that and what a head melt it all was. 

So fake and artificial the whole lot of it and yet we all chase that way of life like its the be all and end all, all exterior and no interior, much in the window but nothing in the room as my main man Big D says!!!

What im doing now is a life purpose, it enriches my soul rather than darkening it. 

Peace and love. 



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