An upatde from our young prodigy!

 H guys, this is an update on the young lad who has been struggling with drink and drug addiction after the loss of his mother and many of you all helped raise money to send him to Jampa Ling and stay with the Buddhists for a week to see if it could help him.

He's back now and he's been saying to me that this is longest he's ever been sober for in many years, he said he's been in the pub a couple of times and didnt even want a drink saying something has changed in him, he also says the clarity and how his mental health has been has never been better, he's thinking better, has way more confidence and definitely thinks the stay with the Buddhists has changed his life.

He hasn't had one drink, drug or a smoke of weed in over 9 days now and long may it last.

Thank you to everyone that donated money towards his stay, so far for me its looking like one of my greatest good deeds I've ever done in raising the money and bringing him down to Jampa Ling.

He said the goodness that I've shown him is going to ripple, saying that he is going to go out and do so much good now in the world.

Love, compassion, generosity and altruism are the only antidotes in this world of mayhem.


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