Another 50 apple trees done today!

 Me and wee betty got another 50 apple trees grafted up and potted today. 

Some real nice varieties, Irish Pitcher, Greesy Pippin, No Surrender, Isaac Newtown and James Grieves. 

Have another 100 to go and that'll be 320 apple trees in total ready for phantom planting in a couple of years time. 

Its a long slow process but one that I know will be we'll worth it.

I'm leaving behind community orchards all over Belfast one day, its a life purpose for me! 

I really couldn't do all this without your support. 

If you'd like to support me I've setup a Patreon account where you can subscribe for £3.50 a month, this way I sort of know where I stand each month money ways and can plan some some stuff or you can donate with the paypal link also and you can setup a monthly payment for as much as you like on there.

I would really appreciate all your help guys

Thank you to everyone thats supported me so far and my apologies for not getting back to any of the messages, I really have a lots going on.

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #paramilitrees 

I Challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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