Another phantom story!

 Story I wrote from this day last year and the tree we phantom planted is still going strong:




Here's a story I'd like to share with you like I share all my other crazy stories with you guys!

Not really sure how to start it but lets just say around a month or so ago my mate wanted to setup a training whatsapp group up for me and some others to share what we are up too and to meet up for training sessions. So he sets up the group and we start chatting a bit, I then get a call from him asking me was I this and that and did I have an old nick name etc, I said yes man that’s me!

Well he said there was a guy in the group that must have noticed my profile pic and that when we were younger I was pretty awful to him and his family, that I had really traumatised them!

So the guy had left the group and didn’t want to partake in it anymore as he was feeling understandably upset!

I got the gist of where he was from and to be honest I don't remember much about what I had done, but being completely honest I was no angel growing up and I did alot of rogue stuff!!

Hearing this had really upset me, I didn't feel right at all for the next day or two thinking that I had made this sort of negative impact in someone's life and still to this day it ignited ill feelings in them!

So I called my mate back a couple of days later and asked if he could suggest an idea to this guy. If he would like to come and plant a tree with me in the Cranmore park in Belfast. Which is the place I had caused most of my mayhem, there was a time I got banned from the park, if the police had seen me they had moved me on for anti social behavior!

I have many other fruit trees phantom planted in this park as its my way of trying to clear up any negative karmic energy that I've created in that park. It's just my thing, may seem a bit crazy for others, but it makes me feel better for any mayhem I created there. I had a really bad reputation in that area, many only knew me by my nick name!

The nick name I had growing up really saved me from getting caught for lots of my thuggish behavior, no one knew my real name. Even where I grew up everyone called me by this nick name and still to this day people call me it and have no idea of of my real name. Always was a bit of a phantom!!!

So anyhow the guy thankfully agrees to come meet me and plant the tree, this was something I really wanted to do, I wanted to ask for his forgiveness and apologise. I felt nervous the day before, I hadn't felt nervous like that in a long time, but I knew I had to do this!

We met and we got along great. I did remember him when I saw him. He told me about where he'd grown up, we shook hands and hugged. We found a nice spot in the park, dug a hole and planted a birch tree. The birch tree was gifted to me by my old yoga instructor, coincidentally he was also this dude's yoga instructor too!! You couldn't have made it up!

We got along the very best and he was the first person I've met who was into the Tuatha Dé Danann (ancient Irish mythology), he even named his daughter Danu after the Tuatha Dé Danann Goddess!! He was right into lots of the same stuff I'm into!! Quite amazing it was!!

I was quite blown away by this. It was the Tuatha Dé Danann who brought the Ogham tree alphabet to the Emerald Isle, something, most of you know I never shut up about!!

I had an epic afternoon and thank you man for coming along and accepting my apology. Also thank you to my mate for making this happen, something has healed in me!

So much magic in phantom planting trees!!!


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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