Bowthorpe oak!

 Some acorns germinated from the Bowthorpe oak tree in Lincolnshire. 

Visited this tree a couple of years ago, its 13 metres in girth and said to be the thickest in the UK. 

These acorns are looking strong and healthy.

Thats the Big Belly acorns last night and the Bowthrorpe tonight. My collection of iconic acorns is growing.

Some lady messaged me a while back saying when I get all my oaks planted together and they cross pollinate, in the future they could produce practically an indestructible oak tree with all the crossed genetics from the UK and Irelands most ancient oak trees. 

Who knows where all this is branching out too...

I've got the place already where I'm planting up this oak grove museum and it'll be in the heartland of Ireland in a place said to be the centre of Druidism in Ireland at one time.

Can you guess where this is? 

The word Druid translates to oak. 

This mighty Bowthrorpe oak I bet could tell a story or two!!!

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