Collecting a special gift today!

 Here's a bit of a mystical story for you guys.

About 4 years ago I was walking through a forest in Portglenone in Antrim Northern Ireland, I saw what I thought was a lady deep in the forest birch tree tapping which is were you forage for the tree sap.

I was intrigued by this and walked over to see what she was at, as I got closer it was a lady burning things and chanting around a tree next to a water well doing some sort of ritual.

She looked round at me and covered her eyes instantly saying she cant look at me as there is a Druid behind me and light shining, she looked like she was being blinded. It was the most uncanny thing, I had only just started the phantom planter and no one really knew me or wee betty back then.

She said I was a Druid and had a special connection to trees which really baffled me!

She was next to a well that she said was a Fairy well and that she was the keeper of it.

She was really not wanting to make eye contact with me and kept closing her eyes.

She was adamant I was a Druid and said that my staff/stick is on its way, that I was going to be gifted a staff one day.

That night I went back to my old mates house and he used to deal in buying and selling antiques and collectibles and he said if you go out to my garage I've got something for you in the corner.

I went out and and it was a staff!! I couldn't believe it!!

The lady in forest was right!

But for some reason this staff didnt feel right for me, I love to carry a stick with me on my mountain danders and I just wasnt feeling it with this stick.

Many of you probably know I've got this special yew tree I go and visit often, this is a tree I've had some pretty mystical encounters at, there is energies around this tree. And its not just me thats witnessed these types of mystical goings ons.

But I go to this tree and say a little prayer and also do alot of barefoot grounding and a mix of Qi Gong and yoga under this special yew tree.

There was this one time I was standing there at about sunset and this man with a beard, a big staff and a black dog just appears out of nowhere from the North direction, this has happened to me a few times meeting this guy at this special yew tree and he always comes from the same direction.

He is a wood carver and makes walking sticks and the last time I seen him about a month or 2 ago he said he was in the process of making me a stick with my name on it the saying The Phantom Planter spelt in Ogham, the ancient tree alphabet.

I'm sure many of you know how much I'm connected to the Ogham!

This morning I got up and for some reason I checked my message requests, I haven't checked them in over 6 months I'd say and just last night this man messaged me saying he'll be at the yew tree today with my handmade carved Ogham stick.

Maybe this is the one the white witch in the forest at Portglenone was really talking about.

Lots of mysterious people have told me that I'm a Druid in past lives, who knows!

I could talk all day about my encounters with yew trees, especially this special one where I'm going to get my staff at today.

Its all Quantum entanglement is a word an old lady used who I met at sunrise under the oldest Irish Yew tree in Florence Court last summer.

She turned out to be a Quaker Buddhist.

From I've stepped out of the ratrace and onto the Buddha pace as time goes on I can see how obvious it all is. There is an entity or energy on this earth which controls and manipulates society and its true purpose is to hide all this magic from us. It goes to a whole lot of bother creating so much delusions having us run around on this treadmill of life with our heads up our back sides.

I'm just gonna keep on planting and chanting - its a lot more exciting!

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