Here is my Ogham staff guys!

 Did a story yesterday about going to collect the Ogham walking staff that a guy had made for me.

Well here it is guys, check this staff out, its made of Holly and the writings on it are the Ogham tree alphabet to spell my name "The Phantom Planter".

Ogham writing works from the bottom up, just the way a tree would grow.

Can't believe the weight in this thing, it must have taken Brian Gorman from Ribstickler358 such a long time making this!

I can't believe he has done this for me, I've only met this man in the forest a handful of times and we've always been connecting for some reason near this mystical yew tree I always go too.

I had arranged to meet Brian under this special yew tree at 11am and I was very early, I wanted to sit under the yew tree and meditate for a bit waiting on him.

Then as I was sitting meditating right in the hollow of the yew tree keeping out of the rain I felt this water run down my leg, I got up and I have never seen water drip like this from a tree before, check out the pics and see.

I felt like it was the yew tree baptising me or something before receiving my staff.

The water wasn't running like that before otherwise I wouldn't have sat there.

As I said yesterday I've had many mystical and strange encounters near this yew tree deep in Belvoir forest. I've had dreams of people who were gathering around this tree then I walk down and see the same people from my dream at this tree.

There are many stories and events that have happened to me around this special yew tree that I'll leave for a children's book one day otherwise the lunatics that run this asylum we live in might lock me up!

The first time I ever met Brian was away over the other end of the forest near the oldest oak tree in Ireland and Brian made this staff out of holly that he found near this oak tree.

There is so much meaning and thought that went into this and whats even more uncanny about it is if you look in the pic with the map, this hangs on my wall in my cabin.

It's a map of the ogham ring I did around 4 years ago where me and my son went all around the Emerald Isle to spell the name "The Phantom Planters" in trees and letter T which you will notice at the top right of the stick was a holly tree in ogham that we planted in our orchard aka The Phantom Planters HQ.

We then spent the next 3 weeks planting and chanting all around the coast of Ireland phantom planting all the rest of the trees to come back and plant letter S, a willow right next to the holly completing the ogham ring.

I had my own personal and ritualistic reasons for doing this ogham ring, but again you'll read all about it one day in a children's book.

Later that day I brought Brian up to the phantom planters apple tree nursery and he grafted 4 apple trees for himself.

2 of them that he grafting were cuttings from an unknown ancient apple tree in the grounds of Jampa Ling Buddhist monastery.

An apple tree that I've named "The Buddha Tree"...

Can't thank you enough Brian, your one of life's true gentlemen.

Sometimes I'm stuck for words how my life has changed, I've said before, I used to live my life looking over my shoulder for people looking to rob me, shoot me or the police coming for me!

Now with a bit of planting and chanting people are showering me with gifts and kindness.

Gifts like this staff really mean alot to me, the energy, time and thought thats put into this is pretty special, I'll keep this staff for the rest of my life.

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And as always

I Challenge  You To Phantom Plant a Tree!


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