My voice will be coming soon!

 Its been 4 years 4 months from I setup the Phantom Planter and not once have I used my voice!

One day soon I'm going to start talking on here, I just hope people outside Northern Ireland understand me though, you might need subtitles, my Belfast accent is very broad especially when heard on video.

My reason for doing this guys is because I need to make money, I've been living in this tree hugging Buddha bubble for over 5 years now!

As I've said in recent posts I'm living in a rotted cabin in the corner of an industrial estate and have been out of the system for many years now from I was made bankrupt.

I remember when the Revenue inspectors came to visit me for an assessment and they seen how I was living, they asked me what I was doing now and I said I'm a wandering mendicant, he said whats that entail? I said I live on alms/donations in return for spiritual guidance, they then said are you allowed to live here? You sure this is residential? I said this is a place of worship and he said why have you a bed then, I said after intense prayers I need a nap.

The look on their faces!!

But there is some truth in what I told them.

Anyhow they signed me off and on they went, my disqualification from the monopoly was complete and it was the best thing ever for me at the time.

Roll on 5 years now and I've sorted my body, mind and soul out, I need to get back playing monopoly again, I'm coming 44 and own nothing to my name, as I said yesterday someone really special to me bought me a very small wooded area of land with a river out the back as a gift and I want to build my permanent home there which will be a nice log cabin and I need money for this and for other things in life as in funding me full time so I can dedicate all my time to phantom planting, helping nature and the community.

I Know once I start using my voice it will open up many more avenues of income for me.

There is also so much more I want to do with money these days, good things, like my oak grove museum, buying up land for community apple orchards, I'm going to master this grafting in producing my own native apple trees and plant up orchards everywhere!

Many years ago in my wheeling and dealing days I wanted money for greed and self gratification, now I want money to do so much good for nature and the community.

I've spent 5 years clean of drink and drugs finding myself, I'm ready to do my bit, for nature and the community!

You know even my morning prayers are dedicated to nature,

There is a Tibetan Buddhist prayer that I say nearly every morning and its goes,

"May the attractive and healthy forests be increased in all the one hundred directions

May sentient beings be freed from untimely death and live happy lives"

I say this 3 times then I say,

"Om mani padme hum" 3 times and then visualise all this happening after for about 10 deep breaths.

I'm ready more than ever to put all my wheeling and dealing experience of the past to good use!

I believe the same sales and marketing tactics that are used to sell us all this rubbish we consume at the expense of mother nature and our souls can be used to heal, repair, renew, revive and replenish!

You hear that saying there's too many people in the world, there's just too many people living the wrong way, we all live the right way, in symbiosis with the creation, you couldn't get enough of us!

We have just been deluded....

If you'd like to support me I've setup a Patreon account where you can subscribe for £3.50 a month, this way I sort of know where I stand each month money ways and can plan some some stuff or you can donate with the paypal link also and you can setup a monthly payment for as much as you like on there.

I would really appreciate all your help guys

Thank you to everyone thats supported me so far and my apologies for not getting back to any of the messages, I really have a lots going on.

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #paramilitrees 

I Challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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