One of my best moments!

 This is a pic from 4 years ago when I had not long started the phantom planter. I had 2 apple trees phantom planted here in the estate and one of them got ripped out and disappeared.

I had went and bought another apple tree to go back and replace and when I did someone else had already replaced it fo me!

I couldn't believe it!

This was the first time I had seen another phantom planted tree, I was so happy that day and I knew my message was being heard.

This same guy who I've gotten to know now maintains this little patch of grass, cutting the grass himself and has loads of all year round plants running along the wall and the apple tree he phantom planted and mine are still going strong today.

Now today in the Belvoir estate South Belfast there has been many more phantom planters come out and plant fruit trees all over the estate.

I've always believed that if tree planting is made trendy and cool with that element of rascality involved it could really transform our communities and the world.

Something special happens to the soul when we go out, dig a hole and plant a tree.

When we go back and nurture and look after it and see it grow year after year it brings great connection to the creation, we are being part of something creative.

The soul feels meaning and purpose like nothing society has to offer.

Our way of the world is based on destruction, competition, greed and self gratification, our very way of life and everything we do is poison to the soul.

Its all a finely spun web of delusion keeping us stuck right in the centre the Bhavacakra, look into this guys if you have never heard of it.

So interesting about our existence, makes so much sense to me.

The Buddha has also left a pathway out of this mental suffering and one simple way out of it is practicing generosity.

What goes around comes around and that goes for good deeds too, everything is karma, all karma means is action and actions create reactions.

I remember my old life living in pure greed and self gratification, wanting millions all for me, it brought about some dark people and dark times into my life, my mind, thoughts and actions attracted all this.

From I've been planting trees and trying to be a better person and self analysing my thoughts, motivations and intentions behind what I'm doing.

You know when we really look into ourselves and ask yourself is what I'm doing really to be kind and helpful or is there a hidden motive there.

These are the things you gotta be asking yourself, you cant fool the Dharma, it will always know your true motivations and intentions.

You cant do good and be kind with hidden agendas, you must do it with purity and with a good heart.

It really has changed my life tenfold for the better trying to live this way.

The people, the things, the gifts, the offerings, the experiences that have come into my life has been pretty magical and thats not to mention how my mental health has been too, the contentment and joy I have in my life today.

I never got any of this wanting to be Ace in the Rat - Race!

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters #paramilitrees 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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