The Phantom Planters App!!!

 Still think it would be an amazing idea to have the phantom planters app!

We all register on the app with our own unique incognito ID, kids can have superhero ID's!

All trees planted have their location added to google maps or what 3 words which I've used alot even in the middle of forests and its really accurate to within a metre or so!

We add what type of tree, variety and when it is ripe and ready to eat, even give the tree a name, first tree I ever planted I called jimmy, they seem to grow better with a name!

Info on the app of where to buy and how to plant etc, challenges on who can plant the most trees, games like the Pokemon go idea is great but only with the phantom planted trees!

Its never ending really, each tree has its own unique ID, people can attend to the tree, water, prune, look after and add comment in the app of what they done or maybe that they just visited it to say hello.

Someone can be a designated carer of a tree, all details in app on what to do.

If no one has commented or visited a certain tree in a long time everyone gets a notification alerting them that a tree is in need of love.

Hot weather alerts will be a good thing too especially for the first few years of the trees life.

When someone goes onto to the app they can see what's ripe and ready to eat near them in a map.

Its perfect for getting kids to interact with nature, normal trees can be added too, when I was younger I knew nothing about trees, now kids can enter in the app, find me an oak tree near me as we could log normal trees onto the app too as well as other edibles that we find on our travels, an all round free food app!

It could have windfall alerts when the weather is really bad to go and collect up all the fallen fruit before it rots, fallen fruit makes great cider and apple juice!

These are some thoughts that have been playing around on my mind for years. I'm sure much more can be added to it and enhanced.

I would love some big tech dude or company to take this up and make it into something really special worldwide, I've looked into it in the past and it would cost a fortune to have it run right and maintained, it would be great to have a real professional type app easy to use app that we can make a global name!

There's bound to be someone out there who could do this as a selfless service duty for our communities and mother nature, more people need to stand up and do these types things!

We need to set examples here, I mean look around you guys, what sort of examples are being set to our future generations with the way the world is today, the lunatics are running the asylum here!

Get in touch if you think you can put something together, I'm not looking something amateur I'm hoping this message will grab the attention of some big company who can make this right and professional and make it a massive thing worldwide!

I'm looking to create the virus of compassion......

When your enthused, everything is possible!

#phantomplanters #phantomplanter #communityspirit #foodisfree #bethechange #freefood

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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