The Phantom Planters HQ is coming to life!

 Pear tree just about to burst into flower at the Phantom Planters HQ!

It's an amazing time of year just waiting on all your Phantom Planted trees come to life.

For nearly 10 years now I've been Phantom Planting all around the streets of Belfast and beyond and the feeling you get watching your trees thrive just gets better and better each year!

When you see an apple tree Phantom Planted without permission, like a little act of environmental graffiti survive year after year it really is the best feeling.

I have thousands of Phantom Planted fruit trees all over the country, I've had my losses but on average I'd say about 80% are thriving!

And theres no stopping me now and there should be no stopping you either!

I believe it was my positive thinking and enthusiasm how this has all taken off like this. I remember at the start when I first started phantom planting the amount if people who really went on at me, and these were people that knew nothing about trees and nature but because they knew I knew nothing either they thought they knew better than me.

But many people were negative, they wont survive, kids will destroy them, they'll get diseased, what about watering them, are you going to do that many said? Of course I do!

I skip gym day and carry around my 2 x 25 litre drums of water for my newly planted trees.

After a year or 2 they wont need watered but newly planted trees you should always go back in a heatwave or dry spell and give them a water.

I remember one lady got out while I was planting giving me hell of a abuse like I was planting an ecological bomb thats going to cripple our already crippled nature and I was like, hold on a second lady, I bought these plum trees down the road in the garden centre, it wasn't like they were smuggled in by the mafia or something!

I planted these 2 plum trees about 6 years ago and today they are twice my height!

I ignored any sort of negativity that was being vented to me, theres enough of that in this world.

I had a dream and vision back then that fruit trees should be everywhere and today that dream is coming true even more.

I see fruit trees being planted everywhere these days, even by councils and community centres.

Get out phantom planting guys and putting out them much needed positive ripples, our communities need this, nature needs this!

"The fear of what could happen is making nothing happen"...

As most of you know guys I've been asking for your support lately, I would really appreciate it if you could support me on Patreon for £3.50 a month, you can stop at anytime.

Really want to push this and try and build it up till I'm getting a wage from this, then I can carry on doing what I'm doing with a bit more peace of mind.

As the Phantom Planter has been growing and the more trees I have in the ground, the more people I meet, talks I do, taking people out Phantom Planting its a becoming a full time job for me.

I hate pushing this like other charities out there, its really not me to be honest, I've always made my own money in this world and stand on my own 2 feet.

Guess its affecting my ego a bit asking like this.

I have my own small business and I'm not giving it much of my time and energy, trees and nature are taking me on another path.

I do love the phantom planter, its my life goal and passion to be out phantom planting fruit trees for the nature and the community to enjoy all the time and for the rest of my life.

Here are the links guys to support me, you can also setup a monthly subscription with Paypal also, this way I sort of know where I stand each month.

I would really appreciate all your help guys and Thank you to everyone thats supported me so far and my apologies for not getting back to any of the messages, I really have a lots going on.

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #paramilitrees

I Challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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