Time to try new things!

 Good morning guys, just to let you know I've setup a youtube channel where I'll be posting a lot of videos on there and also I have a blog as well that I write all my posts on.



Think Facebook has taken a disliking to me, they have removed several of my posts and for really bizarre reasons too!

I think they have shadow banned me, meaning they restrict the distribution of your posts.

My main page The Phantom Planter  had been growing steadily by thousands of followers every month then it just stopped dead after 116k and hasn't moved in a couple of months now.

One post was taken down for referring to our way of life as a ratrace and that calling humans animal names on here is a violation!

I've heard and seen alot worse on here and the posts are still circulating.

I do also think another reason they have shadow banned me is because I'm not accepting they're advertising offers.

But to be honest, this is all a good thing, it's driving me out of my comfort zone to do other things on the internet to promote phantom planting.

If I get a good response from YouTube I still wont be accepting any advertising offers on there either.

This is a grassroots movement, built out of the community, for the community and supported by the community.

The world has turned into one big pantomime, the only thing missing is the strings and I'll never be anyone's puppet.

I had this a while back, some camera crew came out to make a film, they tried to get me to stand a different way, wear certain things, put words into my mouth!

I pulled the plug right away, was having none of it.

I'm not here for fame or attention, I'm here to promote tree planting, connection to nature, self empowerment - wellbeing and positive actions in the community. There's a bigger picture here.

I really couldn't do all this without your support. 

If you'd like to support me I've setup a Patreon account where you can subscribe for £3.50 a month, this way I sort of know where I stand each month money ways and can plan some some stuff or you can donate with the paypal link also and you can setup a monthly payment for as much as you like on there.



I would really appreciate all your help guys

Thank you to everyone thats supported me so far and my apologies for not getting back to any of the messages, I really have a lots going on.

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #paramilitrees 

I Challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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