Today's work!

 Thats 120 native Irish apple trees all grafted and potted up in our new nursery. Have another 200 to go. 

Takes a long time doing all this, but im sure with practice I'll get better and faster. 

Thanks again everyone who has donated to me today, really appreciate it. 

Yesterday I felt under so much pressure having a mammoth task ahead of me grafting all these trees and theres only a short window to do this in which is the last 2 weeks of March and into april a bit when the sap is rising, after this you have to wait till next year. 

Then I was thinking of all my aconrs I have to pot up, sort and maintain, then theres all the thousands of phantom planted trees I have all around the city with many of them needing weeding and tidied. 

I was thinking to myself yesterday I really need to be up front and ask for donations more to help keep me doing what im doing, the more I plant, the more grafts I take,  the more of my life is going to be completely consumed by all this and I never want to sell out to corporate advertisers as they are never off my back trying to sign me up to stuff, for me that goes against everything that I stand for. 

Even writing my daily posts on here every day takes up so much of my time and then answering questions, its never ending. 

I've found myself in a very odd predicament and I really feel like a bit of a begger to be honest, but I guess thats just my pride and ego. 

Around 10 years now my life has been dedicated to trying to be a positive influence and contribution to nature and the community. 

So if you like what I do and share you can support me on the link below and help keep me planting and chanting.

Or subscribe to Patreon, you can stop at any time.


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