2 more apple trees phantom planted!

 Phantom planted 2 apple trees last night, one was a 30th anniversary tree for Michelle and Alexey Jane, 30 years married, congratulations!

And the other was a memorial tree in memory of David Walker, RIP David.

One was a Discovery apple tree and the other an Elstar apple tree. Both of these varieties grow like champions here and are good tasting dependable heavy croppers.

The first tree I ever phantom planted around 10 years ago was a discovery and I remember in its second or third year we counted over 500 apples of it!

This was the tree that really opened my mind about the thought that fruit trees should be everywhere in our streets and estates giving people free fresh food.

They say money doesnt grow on trees, well it really does!

Food is a commodity thats always going up in price yet mother nature will just keep producing it as long as we keep phantom planting!

Who would have thought all this could have came from a rascal act of planting a tree in the street without permission all them years ago!

I dont know what made me do it but for me it was like environmental graffiti, me and my old wheeling and dealing partner phantom planted this with our kids for a laugh.

But planting this first apple tree and watching it grow year after year and bringing my son back to eat apples from it, something grew inside of me.

I felt myself become part of the creation, my soul was working with mother nature and not against it.

I was connecting into something I had never experienced in the monopoly board that we are all programmed to play.

Everything we strive to acquire in this world is dead and dusty, built on the back of doom and gloom and at the destruction of mother nature, its parasitic if you ask me.

While we are all consuming and not returning we are all just as bad as each other.

We all need to level up with mother nature on a personal basis, this is my souls journey and no one will dictate whats moral or immoral to me.

Thats what I love about Buddhism. Buddhism is the study of you, your own mind, your own self. Buddhists prefer to leave God out of things, He or she or whatever God may be, they've got enough to deal with. I'm giving God a break and sorting my own s**t!

I dont think personally that we should go and look for a God, we should try and live in a way that God will come looking for you.

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters #paramilitrees 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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