6 winners are picked!

 Good morning guys, I had did a competition the other day there about me picking up 6 top class apple trees and that if you liked and shared my post I was going to enter your name into a random name picker and pick out 6 winners.

Well I've did that and have the 6 winners here and the names are,

Michelle Jane

Brefne Shallow

Kelly Jameson

Debbie Brinkley

Bobz Purkletion

Anne Walker Summers

Could all of you get in touch with me please with a name of your past loved one that you want these apple trees phantom planted in memory of.

Please keep names as short as possible, I have limited space on the tree tags, like no middle names, just first and last name.

I'll be planting these trees this week so please get in touch asap.

I will also do a post on here with the locations of your trees so that maybe one day you can come and visit your tree and eat fruit from it.

Your all going to like where I'm phantom planting these ones, it could cause a bit of a stir, but sure any publicity for the phantom planters is good publicity!

These apple trees are going to be professionally and sensibly phantom planted and maintained after for all of the community to enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my mission so far and if you'd like to support me further you can do so on the link below.


You can also support me on Patreon for £3.50 a month, that way I sort of no where I stand each month with my finances.


As I've been saying I'm giving this my best shot for me and my inner council to earn a living from the phantom planter.

There's nothing more I'd love than to carry on phantom planting for the rest of my life and being supported to do so.

It's make or break for me guys, The Phantom Planter has swallowed up my life.

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