Great community spirit!

 Was out tidying up some phantom planted apple trees in a middle class type area and some lady came running out saying what are you doing? 

You better not be removing them trees, she said. 

I have already written letters to the council saying that all the residents love them trees and that we all want them to stay!

Apparently for Elf and safety reasons my phantom Planted trees were due to be removed but the residents got this overturned. 

Then another older man comes out saying did you plant these trees? I said no I'm just tidying them. 

Then he said, we'll have you noticed anything about them?  I said yes, someone has pruned them. 

He then winked at me saying "I'm the phantom pruner" and that I came at dark to prune them! 

The community spirit in this street is just amaizng! 

Feeling good right now guys....

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And as always

I Challenge You To Phantom Plant a Tree!


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