Its begining to branch out!!

 So excited about the phantom planters tree map. All the trees I've ever planted will be going onto this map.

There is around 140 fruit trees on there so far which you can all go and see if you follow the phantom mask on the map. If you click on the mask it'll give you the type of fruit and with the ones that I can remember the variety it will tell you when to pick them.

For the past 9/10 years now I've been just planting and chanting away at my leisure and to see them all being put on a map like this is the best feeling ever! It will be interesting to see how many I will have on the map when I get them all logged.

Its also opening my mind up to a world of new possibilities when I see the masks dotted all over the country on a map. Who knows where this is all going to branch out too!

Funny how life takes turns, we are born into a society that sells us the biggest load of soul destroying nonsense all at the destruction of mother nature and most of us fall for it.

Toys and tinsel dangled like a carrot and we run around with our heads up our backsides chasing it!

I played societies game of monopoly nearly till death, it polluted and poisoned my body, mind and soul, I'm grateful every day I made it out alive! 

To the Delboy geniuses who manufactured this finely tuned ratrace we are all born into, who ever or whatever you are! 

I dont want your fast cars and big houses, I dont want the rolex watch and fancy yachts, the egotistical statuses, titles and labels. The gold, the diamonds and safety deposit boxes. You've had my soul under chains for too long and I like many others have fell for it like fools!

The only bank account I care about these days is my merit bank account. The way of our world has our souls in debt. All manufactured though if you ask me, we are much easier controlled and manipulated when our energies are vibing in these low level frequencies.

Its also probably all like this for the benefit of our souls journey, to test and strengthen us. Wouldn't it be boring if it was just all plain sailing? 

Om mani padme hum. 

May all sentient beings be happy and free from the causes of suffering. 



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