Let love be the motivation!

 Phantom planted a memorial Bramley apple tree last night for the Thornton family in memory of their lost family members over the years.

The lady that came added a few things into the hole when planting, a letter, a small pagan item that one her lost family members owned, a cigarette and then she poured some wine over over the items. It was a right little tree planting ritual which I thought this was a really cool thing to do!

I love going out and planting 1 tree at a time like this, just taking our time and doing it mindfully, sending good vibes and intentions into the the community and the earth.

This Bramley apple tree will live for 100 years, providing for the community and nature with lots of free fruit and never mind the flowers feeding the bees and the rest of the ecosystem that this tree will provide for!

Thats a long lasting positive deed for just over an hours effort!

I ask myself all the time what is my energy achieving in this world, what is the end goal of where all my effort and attention is going? Is it benefiting the world or my ego.

In Buddhism they say when our thoughts, speech, actions, motivations and intentions are all finely tuned together in a loving, compassionate and altruistic way we can float through life in a bubble of harmony and bliss.

And it all comes back to deep within, in how we interact with all this around us.

I've been reading, listening, learning, experiencing and trying my best to implement what the Buddha teaches into my life daily and I do believe what he says.

All this anger and fear thats projected into the world is there to infect us! Be infected with love and compassion, much better headspace.

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