Look after the trees!

 I get some looks when I jump out on busy streets in the city wearing a mask and start strimming trees!!!

People ask me all the time to come and plant trees for them in they're area, or can I come and plant a memorial tree for them.

I do offer these kind of services for a price but the tree will be phantom planted somewhere in South East Belfast.

I always phantom plant fruit trees in places where I'm always passing by.

Planting potted trees this time of year they need alot of aftercare and watered every week during the summer.

I've made the mistake in the past planting miles from where I venture and its stressed me to be honest.

I'll never forget about a tree that I've phantom planted.

In all our past heat waves I've made sure every tree has been watered. Skipping gym day on many occasions and doing the farmers walk up mountains at times with 2 x 25 litre drums of water.

In my opinion thats what our bodies are for, is doing good in the world. You look after yourself so you can look after the world and others. Dont let the ego delude the path of the soul.....

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And as always

I Challenge  You To Phantom Plant a Tree!


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