Phantom fit planting!

 Some tree aerobics from yesterdays phantom planting. Not sure what the neighbours thought as we had some spectators watching but this is one of the best ways to pack to soil in tight around the pot.

Once its all packed, remove the pot and you've got the perfect sized hole for your tree to fit in. I never get fed up doing it like this.

Was aiming to plant a tree this size every day this week, have phantom planted 2 so far from Sunday but today seems a bit of a wash out and the ground will be soaking.

Hopefully get back at it Wednesday evening as I've a memorial tree planting booked in.

Get in touch if anyone wants to come and plant a tree with me for the complete phantom planters experience and you might get to see the man behind the mask.

Obviously theres a charge for this service but I'm happy to take people out and phantom plant a memorial tree with them, you can add the ashes of your loved one in with the tree and you'll also be contributing to something special for everyone and nature to enjoy.

#phantomplanters #communityspirit #phantomplanter #memorialtree #memorialservice #memorial

Peace and love. 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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