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Well thats my Onlyfans page verified and I've got 2 new fans already!

It took me some courage to set that up and share it, but it's out there now and hope it helps me make a living so I can carry on planting and chanting.

Feel free to support me on there if you'd like to see lots of my workout videos and pics.

I've got a Patreon account also where you can support me on there too. I've been getting the chapters of my book I'm writing edited and will be adding the first edited chapter today so if you'd like to read it you can subscribe on there and read my life story.

Many of you know I've been writing a book and it's nearly all done, just there are parts of the book, a few chapters in my life I'm not so sure if I should be putting it out there.

I've been struggling a bit with it. Most of my life I was up to a lot of no good, got away with a lot of stuff and made a few enemies.
You never know what wolves you bring back looking for you putting it all out there in a book.

And another thing, weird stuff was happening to me while I was writing it, I was writing a chapter one morning about my old buyers of anything sellers of everything superstore which was a big part of my life, 10 years I had this place and I was writing about the massive furnace we had where we burned all our old unwanted rubbish and furniture and then I hear on the news the place got completely burned to the ground while I was writing it!
It was all over the news and it wasn't from my furnace, that was well dismantled years ago but I couldn't believe it! I went up and looked at the place a week or so after and the massive warehouse was gone!

Then as I was writing some chapters about enemies I had in the past they started to come into my life again but for different reasons. At first I got a bit paranoid then I knew I was in the best place to handle them if they were to start anything. In my head and heart I've forgiven them.
They did terrible things to me and my family but my karma brought that on and they drove me into the life that I live now. "Out of a muddy pond blooms a lotus flower" Buddha....

Then I write a chapter about one of my best mates Dodgy D one morning who was my partner in crime for many years and who I haven't seen in years, he then lands up to my place out of the blue and says do you want to go for lunch?
I said to him, "Dodgy D I was just f**king writing about you 5 mins ago!"

You know there is something magical about writing, maybe thats why they call it spelling, you are casting spells of some sort with what you spell onto paper.

Isn't writing though an affirmation of your thoughts and manifestations.

Then there is the emotional turmoil of writing your past, putting my mind back to dark places that I've escaped from.
I felt like I was reliving stuff over again and it was having negative effects on me. It was hard at times really having to put your mind back to some horrible times and writing about it but it had to be done.
I dont feel good basking in the darkness of my past.
"When a bird gets free, it doesn't go back for remnants left on the bottom of the cage."Rumi.


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