Vigalantree in New Orleans!

 Some guy on our phantom planters group from New Orleans is calling himself a Vigilantree! Love it!!! 

My mission has spread far and wide with over 50k active paramili-trees in the phantom planters group. 

This is one of the first pics for a post that I used for the phantom planter back when I just started when I had about 20 likes. 

I remember so well some of the negative comments fired at me back then for phantom planting this native Scots pine tree. 

Some of the critics looking back now were a bit bizarre, you know them type that think they know everything but really know nothing!

I couldn't believe the amount of people that tried to put a stop at what I was doing  

I was well prepared for what ever was was being hurled at me though.

I had just left an underworld life behind giving up working with gangsters and mad men and was stepping into my new life of the Buddha and my connection to nature. 

I was very well prepared to handle some online abuse, a few geeks spitting their dummies out at me was like a tickle to my feet compared with what I just give up! 

I followed my soul purpose and now today I'd say millions of trees have been phantom planted all over the world as a result! 

#phantomplanter #paramilitrees #vigilantree


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