We need our forests back!

 They say the Romans never came to Ireland because of the weather. They named it Hibernia meaning wintry Island.

All these years later and not much has changed it seems. Although I do think its gotten much wetter than back in Roman times, the rain just never seems to stop!

One thing I've noticed though when I'm out for my danders is when walking on the grass its like a swamp, all soft and squidgy.

Then when I walk into the middle of a forest its dry, the ground is firm and dry!

I believe all these wet swampy conditions we have is due to the fact we have cut down all the trees and not many seem to be planning any big replanting of forests on the same scale as we have destroyed them.

The UK and Ireland was once all forest, they say around 80% of the landscape of these islands was forest at one time.

Trees soak up all the rain sending it underground, now we have all green fields and concrete jungles all this rain we are getting is sitting on the surface going nowhere, evaporating back into the environment and then raining down on us again and again.

As Big D says 

"We have more degrees, but less sense;

more knowledge, but less judgment; 

more experts, but more problems."


I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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