At a crossroads!

 As most of you know for the past while I've been making every effort to try and make a living from the phantom planter and its a been a hard struggle!

To be honest with 115k fans I thought I'd of got at least 500 of them a month giving me £3.50 on Patreon. But I haven't even got a fraction of that. I'm making so far £300 a month.

Then there's the Onlyfans which I really dont think is me, feels so vain for me, it's like I'm becoming that social media type person that I look at and cringe!

I've been getting asked  plant trees for people, come to schools, groups and other types of places like I'm sort of celebrity. But then when I say it's £100-£150 depending where it is or what ai have to do which I dont think is much I never hear back from them.

Strange isn't it? Some people must think because you come on here preaching love and compassion that I'm just going to run around doing all this for free.

Then I've been getting people donating me money and because I haven't thanked them personally I start to get abusive messages.

Just being honest with you guys, its all gone a bit f**ked up for me. I've neglected a small business that I've had for the past 20 years to put all my energy on here and I've been leaving myself short financially.

My van is getting old, it has 200k miles on it and my cabin is rotting away. Theres stuff I need to make money for!

A cabinet reshuffle is what I'm thinking.

Sometimes I think my job is done here.

Peace and Love.


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