Back to wheeling and dealing for me!

 Its been a crazy few weeks for me trying to find direction in my life. As most of you know I'm living in a rotted cabin thats not mine and I need to find a new home.

I can poke my fingers through the walls in some parts its that rotted.

I asked my landlord to help repair some of it and you know what his answer was? A box of matches! I had to laugh at that one!

He's in disbelief I'm even living here!

But this rotted cabin is special to me, I was homeless around 6 years ago and the old man that owns it let me stay here temporarily until I got sorted.

I moved in when I was at the lowest point in my life, riddled with drink and drug addictions and had just lost all the toys and tinsel I spent years gathering in the ratrace.

Yes I was disqualified from the monopoly board, they came in and took everything because I rolled the wrong dice!

I was suicidal when I moved into this cabin.

But it was in this cabin I switched myself of from the world and really started to practice Buddhism. I planted and chanted for years into purity.

Leaving behind the old me and the new me was born. Its sentimental this cabin to me but its time for me to go.

I've been donated some land for me to move onto and I haven't any money to do anything with it. Which is ok, I may have no money but I got my soul back, thats the main thing.

I've been trying many ways on here to generate an income in the work that I've been doing with The Phantom Planter.

I've setup a go fund me page, Patreon and a Paypal donate link. I even joined Onlyfans which I'm not on anymore, it was all a bit vain for me. felt I was turning into one of the posey people I look at and cringe.

At least I tried though. I'm a great believer never to knock anything until you try it. "God loves a trier" as my wee mum always said.

So as most of you know I'm back into he wheeling and dealing world again with Buddha Beds , it didnt feel right for me coming on here very day pleading for donations. it's not me.

I was born a wheeler dealer, I had the best teacher in the world - My Deboy dad.

If there's one thing he taught me its how to make money and I'm really excited about Buddha Beds!

And whats even more exciting about it is my good mate and lifelong wheeling and dealing partner is coming in on the action helping me out. We've got some crazy marketing plans for Buddha Beds coming soon. Watch this space!

We've got up too some crazy things in the past, From running around the town in blow up cigarette suits promoting my Ecig company to selling King BIlly kebabs cooked by Pakistani Prods on the Twelfth of July here on Belfast!

We bought a double decker bus once for bringing people up to my buyers of anything sellers of everything superstore where we flogged everything from a shoelace to speedboats!

He was even on the viking boat with me when I jumped overboard pissed and stumbled across the Buddhist monastery that changed my life.

We have had a very colourful background the 2 of us, from Belfast to Glasgow to Marbella we've gotten up to some stuff. My big pal is the only one from my previous underworld life thats walked with me every step of the way into the life I live today. I call him The Fat Buddha. He has been there for me all the way!

Keep and eye on Buddha Beds guys for whats coming, its gonna be our finest yet. 

#buddhabeds #communityspirit #phantomplanter 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!

Peace and Love....


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