Barefoot walking is good for the sole!

 I get some looks when I go for my mountain danders barefoot! 

Many think its really hard on your feet, it can be at the start but your feet really toughen quick. 

It so good for your feet and all over leg muscles and joints too. 

Everything starts to work and move the way its supposed too. 

From I started walking barefoot my toes have spread wider and I can do weird things with them. Like use them like hands or something. So I'm told anyway!

I can move my toes and foot muscles in ways that many peiple cant and its all from walking barefoot. 

Its a good feeling when your body feels strong. The human race is melting away out there. Stagnant and rotting. We have become weak as a species. 

Sad but t


I really think at times when you look around at society if another war broke out!  What would happen! What have we all let ourselves become! Many don't stand any chance of survival. 

Its like we are all being herded up for easy pickings some way. So many of the narratives being pushed upon society these days has gone too far.

I believe we all need to be Re-Tribed. To get back to our sapiens roots. 

I dont believe we have evolved, we are devolving. 

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