Buddha beds phantom planting today!

 Some trees I'm off to phantom plant today for my Buddha Beds customers.

Even phantom planting the self seeded nettles that's in one of the pots!

We have no idea how good nettles are for the ecology of the land and we have no idea how good they are for us to eat it also. Its basically free wild spinach growing everywhere right now! 

When buying a mattress from Buddha Beds you'll get a tree phantom planted by me The Phantom Planter.

You'll also get a personalised message from me during the planting and the map location of where the tree will be. 

It will also be added onto the the phantom planters tree map for all to go and see if they like one day.

There will be no Green Washing here. I promise to phantom plant a tree personally for every mattress ordered at Buddha Beds.

This is one of the main reasons I've set Buddha beds up is to help support my phantom plantings.


#buddhabeds #phantomplanter


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