Buddha Beds!!!

 Good morning guys, most of you have probably seen my disheartened post the other day about me feeling a bit down on the financial side of things to do with the Phantom Planter.

I've been trying for so long now to earn a decent living from it to help fuel my passion in what I'm doing. There's nothing more I'd love to be doing than going round phantom planting fruit trees and maintaining them, getting my free fruit tree map app all updated and promoting it also so everyone can have free fresh fruit. I also have plans for my Oak Grove museum and several other community and nature projects I had on my mind.

But for the past while I've been spending hours every day doing all sorts of work to do with the phantom planter and It's always been in the back of my head at times, what am I doing??

As most of you know I've been donated a small plot of land and I'm intending on building a cabin on it and I need money to do this. I'm living in a rotted rented cabin right now which isn't mine and my van is getting old too with 200k miles on it.

Its crosses my mind all the time when I'm putting all my energy on here and not making much money from it and other areas of my life need sorted badly!

All I want is my permanent home made and some sort of financial security behind me. I'm coming 44 here soon and just want money to build my home.

It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to support my life through trying to get donations on here or trying to get people to setup regular Patreon payments of £3.50 a month to help me.

It really did dishearten me that out of 115k followers I couldn't get 1% signed up for £3.50 a month. 1% is all I needed to make my life complete. That would have built me everything I needed over the next couple of years working away at the land I've been given.

But here's the bright side of things for me!

Something I've never told or mentioned on here is what I do for a living and how do I make my money.

I have a small mattress business, I've been selling mattresses for over 20 years. In the past I've had manufactured mattresses, recycled mattresses, had mattress domino events, built mattress bonfires, I've insulated warehouses with mattresses and I even have a criminal record for deception for selling mattresses believe or not!!! I've been bankrupted for selling mattress also!

Yes!! I've got all the war wounds and medals for mattress selling!

Call me a mattress therapist, I've experienced all the hardship there is in mattress selling!

For some reason over all my wheeling and dealing life selling everything from a show lace to a double decker bus I've always sold mattresses as a sideline.

I've had many furniture and mattress shops in the past and I've sold nearly every mattress brand out there!

I have a small mattress showroom just outside Belfast which I'm not about to say for phantom planter security reasons. But I've always wanted to setup a mattress business called-

                              Buddha Beds 

   "For a Peaceful and Meditative Nights Sleep"

So last night I set it all up and I can post my mattresses anywhere in the UK. If you order in Belfast and surrounding areas you might just get a delivery from the Phantom Planter himself and my little helper Wee Betty!

I'm a wheeler dealer at heart and always will be, feel free to like and share my page Buddha Beds. 

For every mattress sold a tree will be phantom planted.

And the mattresses I sell are some of the best on the market at a fraction of other big name prices. These are good karma mattresses for me. Not like the s**t I've sold in the past. I'm all about an easy simple life these days. I've sold some rubbish over the years, customers calling me back 6 months later saying a spring poked them in the bum or the mattress has collapsed and all sorts of other complaints. Now I sell a brand that I've been selling for the past 12-15 years with confidence. I know the customer will be happy with many of them coming back 5-7 years later wanting the same one. Says alot about your product.

You can also still support me on 


Thank you for all the kind messages of support and for all your donations also. It means the world to me. 

#phantomplanter #phantomplanters #communityspirit #paramilitrees #buddhabeds

And as always

I Challenge  You To Phantom Plant a Tree!


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