Crops not shops!

 We need our city covered in Urban Orchards and allotments growing all our own organic foods. 

Our kids need this and we need this! 

Our health and mental well being has never been worse! 

There's never been a time in history where we have forced so much rubbish in our bodies.

That we are weak, our bodies are being poisoned.

When was it ever normalized to drink gas, eat chemicals, to be fed drug tablets galore, eat 3D printed food?

When have we ever smoked 30 figs a day, or all day vaporizing god knows what! 

Drink 10 bottles of illuminous coloured stuff,

Eat choclate bars the size of bricks!

When have we ever sat so long in the one place either. The human body is designed to climb better than most other animals and out run nearly every species on earth  . And these days if a kid cant sit in a chair all day we give them a label and fill them with pills. 

What have we let happen!!!

Much of the stuff thats sold to us if we give to our pets we'd be locked up. Why is it ok to feed all this crap to us!!!!

We need organic healthy foods in our kids diets and they also need to be out working with and connecting to nature for their own mental health. 

I'm doing my bit, my contribution to the community is apple trees, for the rest of my life I'll always phantom plant apple trees so everyone around my area can have free fresh natural apples. 

We are supposed to lead by example for the younger generation. Monkey see monkey do. Years ago when I was a greedy mess I neglected my son. He then ended up going down a bad road hinself. Now I've changed I've seen him change also. 

Time we all got our acts together and looked at the bigger picture. We have been leaving these types of problems to our leaders to sort and many of them are riddled with their own problems. 

Be the change you want to see in the world. 



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