First Buddha Beds Tree bought!

 I said to the guy who ordered the first mattress from my new Buddha Beds page that I just launched last week that seeing he was my first order I would phantom plant a memorial apple tree for him in memory of a passed loved one.

I went yesterday and picked out this massive Laxton Superb apple tree and will be getting it phantom planted this Sunday for him.

I've also said that for every mattress sold I will be phantom planting a tree but they wont be the size of this. I couldn't afford to be phantom planting ones this size but I will be planting a small sapling tree or berry bush that one day will grow into a tree this size in the pic.

I've sold a few more mattresses this week so have some berry bushes to plant this Sunday also.

I'm going to try and come up with a way so I can send each mattress customer back a location and pic of the tree planted. Obviously the best time of year to be planting trees is winter so I could save the details and email them back when winter comes. I'm not sure how I'll manage it but I will find a way.

Any ideas are welcome in the comments please.

One lady did say about putting each tree on my tree map that I've been creating and letting the customers see exactly where the tree is planted.

I know one thing for sure, I will be phantom planting more trees every year than mattresses that I sell.

Every winter I would phantom plant between 300-500 young saplings and maybe 100 decent sized apple trees.

If I sold 500 mattresses a year I'd be drinking alcohol free Piña coladas on Waikiki beach!

That was always my old saying when I was up to my neck in the underworld. Used to say to my workers, "Stick with me and this time next year we'll be drinking Piña coladas on Waikiki beach with the Hawaiian girls dancing in our faces"..

My Polish right hand man used to always say - your a crazy boss! He went back to Poland rich!

The thought and dream though is always better. Waikiki beach ain't all that and thinking money can buy love, well what a fool I was!

Can't think of nothing worse than being surrounded by people that are only around you for money!

I'm not long back from a walk in the forest, 5am me and Wee betty were there at, did some yoga under an ancient yew tree barefoot and sat meditating listening to the birds. It's alive in the forest this time of year. I love it!

Way better than any glorified drink and drug fueled lifestyle!

The money I make from Buddha Beds I'm planting forests, there's really not enough forests around. These places are sanctuaries for our souls.

Trees will be the commodity I trade for the paper and digits I make!

You know the Elite of the world save commodities, not paper and digits!

#buddhabeds #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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