First Buddha Beds Tree Phantom Planted!

 Phantom planted my first apple tree yesterday to mark the first sale from Buddha Beds!

This tree was planted in memory of Patrick and Rose Henry who was the parents of the guy who first bought a mattress from Buddha beds.

The apple tree was a Laxton Superb variety and the location to the tree has been added to the phantom planters tree map for the family to maybe go and visit one day and for all you guys too if you ever fancy some apples.

The tree has been marked on the map as a Buddha Beds tree. Link below.

For every mattress sold at Buddha Beds I will be personally phantom planting a tree and the details of the location will be sent to the customer and added to our tree map.

"For a peaceful and meditative nights sleep" check out Buddha Beds! Delivery all over the UK and Ireland! 

And if ordering in Belfast you might be getting a delivery from the phantom planter himself! 

#buddhabeds #phantomplanter 

And dont forget guys to phantom plant a tree yourself! 

Peace and love.


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