From Yin to Yang!

 Was out yesterday wheeling and dealing some of my Buddha Beds mattresses and at the same time seeing to many of my phantom planted fruit trees around the city.

The council mowers had knocked into this one taking a chunk of bark out of it and leaving the tree lop-sided.

I managed to tape the bark back onto the stem hoping I got it on time so it mends back together again. 

Would be a bit like bark grafting what I done. The mower didnt ringbark the tree so it will be ok.

If you cut a complete ring of bark out of a tree, it only has to be a small ring around the stem the tree dies. The bark is so important on trees. The cambium layer is right under the bark which carries all the vital things up it that a tree need to live.

We put a stake in next to the tree and straightened it up. This is why its so important to always go back and cut the grass around your phantom planted trees on council land. If you keep the grass cut the council mowers dont even have to come close to your trees.

I slipped up on this one, been loosing my balance lately, from I setup Buddha Beds and have went full steam ahead right back into the thick of the ratrace again I've been feeling stressed a bit.

I'm right back in the thick of it like years ago before I found Buddhism.

For the past 5 years or so I've been living out of the system, in a hut with very little to my name. Time has been my greatest asset but as most of you know my hut is falling apart and I need a new tree hut and to build my new home on a piece of land I have.

So I have to throw myself back into the monopoly board and make money, dealing with all the BS and conformities that business entails.

Whats even worse these days though is the robots are everywhere! 

10 years ago when you were trying to sort business stuff out you got talking to humans, now its robots and I had one AI robot that lost his temper with me. I could sense the robot getting frustrated and none of them can understand the Belfast accent either!!!

Whats happening out there guys, what are we letting happen to our world!

I need to make money fast and get my tree hut built and make my land the way I want it and check out of this madness again! Its really not me anymore the business world!

Although yesterday taught me something about my Buddhist path. It taught me that I'm still a white belt Buddhist.

They say the true test of your Buddhist practice is to throw yourself right back into the thick of society again and to feel inside yourself if its causing any type of disturbances or any type of emotions like anxiety or anger within.

Its ok being all mindful and zazen up a mountain but can you carry that mindset into the hussle and bussle of society.

In many Buddhist practises they purposely do that. Spend months in the monastery then go back into city life and see how they feel.

I must admit guys, I was ready for loosing the plot yesterday. My son is helping me and he said to me, wonder if all your fans could see the Buddhist now, what would they think!! That made me laugh!

I've about another 10 years planting and chanting to do,  to even think about being able to carry myself mindfully through the madness of the world out there.

I've went from Yin straight into Yang and my head near went bang. Its good though to have some self analysis like this. Thats what Buddhism is, its the study of you. your own mind and emotions.

Its not about fooling others. Its about asking yourself, are you fooling you? 

Anyhow guys in my quest to make money fast I really am selling my luxury Buddha Beds  mattresses cheaper than usual and I'm offering free delivery UK wide. Might as well be giving them away at these prices.

#phantomplanter #buddhabeds 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!

Peace and Love...


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