Living my childhood over again!

 Getting my new phantom apprentices trained up! 

I'm coming 44 soon and I really am living my childhood over again. 

We are born a playful child, then society and the ratrace constipates us!

Some of us may be fortune enough like me to awaken from the misery of the monopoly board and go back to our childhood mindset. Thats what's happend to me. 

I dont know how this happened to me. I never liked kids before, never liked dogs either and I certainly wasnt a tree hugger! 

I never had your average childhodd anyway. I was born into an underworld environment. My delboy dad had me up to all sorts from I could walk.

Its all stress that life though. It will poison the soul and steal any sort of real joy in life. Its all manufactured that way though I believe. To have us constantly emitting negative energies into the world. Its how the dark feeds of our souls. 



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