Please no more trees guys.


One of the reasons why I started asking for donations was because so many people were offering me trees. They still do offer me trees all the time and its just impossible for me to accept, plant and look after them all.

My slogan has always been from day one.

"I challenge you to phantom plant a tree"!

And yesterday when I went to the orchard there was another load of trees dropped off.

Please please guys I can't take trees as donations. I know its such a nice gesture but I get attached to these trees and I dont have tine to be planting them this time of year and to water and after and look after them.

Thiis is a massive choir for me. I have thousands of my own trees to look after, hundred of baby oak trees and hundreds of baby native apple trees also.

No matter where I am and I see a tree in need of water I will go and get water for it. Dropping off loads of trees in this hot weather in pots they will need water lots and it vreally plays on my head the thought of them sitting crying out for a drink.

If you want to supper me you can do so on the links below or buy a mattress from Buddha Beds.

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And as always

I Challenge  You To Phantom Plant a Tree!


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