Some early morning apple tree stashing!

 I've stashed some things in the past but I've never stashed fruit trees for phantom planting before!

Hiding my trees for phantom planting later today. Got some Buddha Beds  orders to do then will be phantom planting some memorial apple trees later today.

Thats how I like my days, living in symbiosis with mother nature. Eveything we use and sell comes from nature and I believe all of us need to return something. 

We cant point the finger at anyone while we are all consuming and not returning. 

Completely karmic free souls disappear ino the higher heavenly realms anyway!   

So while we are all running around in this earth school realm, we all got karmic debt to sort.  Its a personal thing between you and the creation. Thats my belief anyway. 

Om mani padme hum. 

#buddhabeds #communityspirit #phantomplanter


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