Special belvoir oak trees.

 These 2 little oak trees growing are probably some of the most prized trees I have!

They are from acorns I collected last year from the Belvoir oak in Belfast, Just next to the phantom planters HQ. 

Its the oldest oak tree in Ireland and has been on its last years for sometime now. 

300 years growing 

300 years standing proud

300 years to die, rotting back into the earth to where it once came.

You can see in one of the pics that this oak is rotting back into the earth. 

This oak tree hasnt produced acorns in decades and just last year it started producing some.

I got about 50-60 acorns fron this special tree and have only managed to get 2 to grow. 

So pleased that I have these. 

As most of you know I'm setting up an oak grove museum. Over the past lot of years I've been collecting acorns from all the oldest and most iconic oak trees in the UK and Ireland. 

I'm going to grow them all up together to make an oak grove museum and add a plaque to each tree saying who the mother tree was and the stories surrounding it. 

I want to leave behind something special after I'm gone. 

A thousand years from now this oak grove will still be promoting phantom planting! 

And I'm getting phantom planted in the middle of it when I die! Thats the plan! 

I'm technically preparing my burial ground. Good enough for Tutankhamun, good enough for me! 

#belvoir #belvoiroak #phantomplanter


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