The Buddha and the Ghoul.

 The Buddha and the Ghoul cannot reside in the same soul!

In Arabic Alcohol means Ghoul / Mind eating spirit, hence why we call vodka etc spirits.

I was an alcoholic for around 15 years, when I first heard what alcohol meant in Arabic I could relate to it so well. 

It literally destroyed my soul and took my mind for a joyride!

When I woke up the next day after a night on the drink and remembered the sh**e I talked and the silly things I done, the only thing that masked it and made me feel better was drinking more of the Ghoul!

Groundhog day went on for way too long for me! 

Buddhism, Yoga, meditation, planting and chanting saved my life! 

I dont do anything anymore, smoke cigs or weed,  drink,, drugs, prescription pills etc its all gone!

And when I look back at the old me it gives me the shivers!

I never gave up anything, I broke free and escaped a horrible trap and gained a life and a purpose! 

People often say to me to try this type of plant medicine or that type of mind altering herb or some new type of fast track spiritual practice etc. 

Me personally I just have a thing about altering my mind and my surroundings. 

For 15 years I lived in a mind altered surrounding with drink and drugs and for the first time in all my life its good to see things clearly. 

I think this life is a trip, a hallucination in itself. I want to get to grips with this trip before opening up any more. 

Each to their own though, only we know deep in ourselves if what we are doing is right for us, what works for one, might not work for another...

"All effort must be made by you, the Buddha's only point to the way".... Dhammapada. 


Peace and love.


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