Those who don't believe in magic will never find it!

 Out last night walking through the Phantom Planters HQ and the Buddhist Blessed raspberry bushes are alive with bees feasting on the berry flowers.

There was literally hundreds of them, you could just stand there and hear the buzz, it was amazing!

These raspberry bushes came from Jampa Ling Buddhist Monastery many years ago and were blessed by a Tibetan Lama when I collected them. They have taken over our orchard with so many people coming to forage from them over the years and all the wildlife thats feasting of them too.

Its so great to see your actions like phantom planting serving and helping nature and the community.

Something else magical has just happened in the orchard too!

My Ogham ring trees have connected!

Many of you probably know that 4 years ago me and my son went all around the coast of the Emerald Isle phantom planting the letters in the Ogham tree alphabet to spell the name "The Phantom Planters". You can see in the map all the places I phantom planted a tree.

The first tree we planted in the orchard was letter T, which was a holly, then we spent nearly 3 weeks going around the coast phantom planting all the rest of the letters in Ogham and came back to the orchard and planted letter S - a Willow.

It is believed supernatural things can happen when you spell your name in a ring of trees using the ancient Ogham tree alphabet.

I planted the holly and the willow a good distance apart from each other 4 years ago knowing that one day they would grow into each other locking the ogham ring and sealing my ritual.

Just this week after 4 years waiting these 2 trees connected!!!

And these 2 trees are right next to the Buddhist blessed berry bushes and its like the berry bushes have been creeping up around them spreading all over the place to protect them. 

Who knows whats going to happen now guys!

Could I have opened up some magical portal??

"Those who dont believe in magic will never find it"

#phantomplanter #ogham

I challenge you to plant your name in trees using the ogham tree alphabet!!! 

Peace and love.


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