What a day!

 Spent a lot of time in the phantom planters HQ aka Belvoir Memorial Orchard yesterday and what a place it is to be on a warm sunny day!

I cant believe the fruit thats starting already, its definitely a mast year for plums in our orchard, the plum trees are laden with them.

Mast year means every few years or so a tree will give out a lot more fruit than normal and this year is looking like one of them!

Still there is apple trees in flower and many of them have small apples also.

We have that many different varieties here that for a about 3 months of the year there will be different types of apples ready for picking.

Beauty of Bath apple variety is ready in August and there are other types of apples that stay on the tree until mid winter.

Then there is cherries and types of berries that are ready June/July which cost a fortune in the shops btw and they can grow right here for free on our doorsteps.

We should all be able to go and pick fresh fruits and berries in our area for 6 months of the year.

I've been creating the phantom planters tree map to show everyone just that. I'm watching it all happen with my own eyes. I've learned so much with years of planting and chanting.

For me learning to grow our own foods and working with nature is the best insurance policy we could have.

I remember once at the height of my riches in the monopoly board, I had this bag in front of me in my office, inside was enough riches for 10 men to retire. I had a beer in my hand and a line of peas and barley on the table. I had many businesses at the time and about 15 people working for me.

But I remember having this freaked out moment that the paper and gold I had in this bag was only as strong as the puppet masters say so.

If the s**t hit the fan in this world what was in that bag was worthless. I cant eat any of it. I cant even wipe my backside with it! I felt like I was setup! It was one of them strange f**ked up life review moments! 

And playing this crazed game of monopoly to acquire what was in this bag I completely destroyed my body, mnd and soul. I was in no fit state to even begin how to survive if economies collapsed.

Its all a bit of a head melt. 

Get planting and chanting guys! 



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