Blackcurrants are ready!!!

 Have been picking the first berries of the year this week from the phantom planters HQ. These blackcurrants are massive and there are loads of them this year along with raspberries that I phantom planted, there is loads of them too and I've seen families down already picking some.

Its one of the best feelings ever when you see parents bring their kids down carrying little containers all smiles picking berries that I phantom planted!

Everyone is welcome at the Phantom Planters HQ aka Belvoir Memorial orchard to call down and help yourself. Have a look around the place and see all the hundreds of fruit trees with many full of fruits that will be ready for picking in the coming months.

Maybe this will inspire you to phantom plant fruit trees and create your own urban orchards for the community and nature to enjoy.

When I look around at the orchard and what me and the Paramili-trees have created over the past 4 years I often wonder what its going to be like in the many more years ahead. We are creating something special, we are creating a legacy.

Funny the monopoly board just doesn't have the same uplifting effect on the soul as phantom planting trees!

You work your life gathering the paper and digits to buy all the toys and tinsel, the fast cars, big houses, the rolex watches and designer clothes, then you leave this world gone and forgotten. Just another programmed parasite leaving behind a load of dust gathering objects that magpies and vultures are going to fight over and squander. I've seen it in all my years in the house clearances business I had.

Isn't it true though, we are educated consumers, think its about time they taught us how to live symbiotically with mother nature. While we are all consuming and not returning on an individual level, we are all as bad as each other. When we live in symbiosis with nature with the right intention thats when the magic will begin to happen. It will enrich the soul tenfold. 

I'm leaving behind orchards and forests that the community and nature are going to enjoy for years after I'm gone!

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And as always

I Challenge You To Phantom Plant a Tree!

Peace and love


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