Happy heavenly fathers day!

 Happy Heavenly Fathers Day!

5 years this August my Delboy Dad passed away. I was lucky to have one of the best Dads and inspirational teachers any person could ask for. 

I watched my Dad go from rags to riches and it was all self made.

Some of my earliest memories was going around these clothing wholesalers with him and he would buy socks, jumpers and other types of knitwear in this old brown ford escort car that I would have to squeeze in and sit on top of all the clothing.

No seatbelts or car seats back then. In fact we were in a very bad side on accident once and the doctor said If I was wearing my seatbelt I would have been dead. 

My dad was badly injured but I was ok. It was my Dads fault though, He pulled out in front of someone, he couldn't see a thing at times as his car was full of his stuff to flog!

You couldn't have seen out the windows or any of the mirrors. it was like a jumble sale in his car!

But everyday me and my Delboy dad went around bookies, pubs, cafes, workplaces, factories and peoples houses trying to flog all his rags. And flog them we did!

My dad would have pulled up at the bookies, threw a black bag of socks over his shoulder and went in and shouted socks for sale, the way he sold them he made them look like they were fell off the back of a lorry, it just looked dodgy and everyone likes something dodgy, like they are getting a bargain. 

He could have sold a car load of stuff a day with all his cunning sales tactics.

Back then people where living in poverty but my dad was able to make some good money with what he was doing and look after his family the very best.

He went out there everyday with enthusiasm selling his rags, I watched him go from rags to running the biggest cigarette cartel in the country. My delboy dad grew to be famous in certain underworld circles.

Here's a wee rhyme I wrote about my childhood.

"Directing 40 footers through estate winding streets

was one of my many childhood chores,

Open the door it was ciggies and more,

Andorra had just become the new bank offshore,

Gangsters on forklifts having the odd nervous fit,

Hoods loading vans i'm sure got on the neighbours tits

but they kept their wit as most were in on it,

Counting money galore was another one of my chore,

Mill after Mill my thumbs did get sore,

We run out of room on my Ma's wee floor....."

You know there are a few big bosses around that would have always been on the TV during the troubles here, paramilitary bosses and when I was a kid they used to refer to my dad as they're boss. He was only the boss as he was the money man. Not many could make money like him, he was a money maker and a mover, I never seen a man that could sell stuff like him.

He taught me too good though, I went on to be bigger than my delboy dad ever was, here's another wee rhyme I wrote,

"I've got a bit of history as you can probably see

if I were unmasked I may not complete my task

as people from my past may not let me be

planting trees is not their cup of tea

hidden agendas is what they will see

stashes of millions is what they think of me

bullets, bombs and bastards forced me to flea

now I've found Buddha I'm growing young and free

my love and compassion is branching out like a tree"

Yes my delboy dad did teach me too well, all my childhood running around surrounded by gangsters, my dream was to be bigger than all of them!

I used to say to them all, when I grow up I'm going to have more money than all of you!

One of the big famous bosses, he would look at me seriously and say, I know you are son, you watching and taking it all in.

I was right in the thick of everything, I knew everything that went on within the cartel. Anyhow this type of upbringing came with downfalls, there are certain things I struggle with in life, still now I struggle with things. I have to remember at times that mistakes and loose lips these days dont bring about life or death situations or cause mayhem like police raids or robberies.

Not sure why I've wrote all this this morning but I loved my delboy dad, not many dads would go and do bomb disposal for you.

F**king love and miss you every day!

Today me and my son are phantom planting an apple tree in our orchard for him.


Pic is from around 7 years ago with my dad and son phantom planted a pear tree in memory of my mum. My dad thought I was going a bit loopy when I started planting trees. He used to scratch his head at times saying, son why are you planting trees and not making any money?

I said dad I'm trying to practice Buddhism here and purify my karma. He said them Boodoos have your head away son! 

But when I said to my dad about planting a tree in memory of my wee mum his eyes lit up, he was well up for it! 

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