I challenge you to a 24 hours fast!

 Something I've been wanting to promote is a weekly fast. Challenging everyone to a 24 hour fast once a week  

Every Thursday from 8am till 8am Friday I challenge you to a fast??  No food at all, just water, black tea/coffee or herbal teas. You cant have sugar or milk in your drinks either, any calories taken messes up the potential fasting benefits. 

Lets do this guys. So many proven health benefits to fasting but my main reason for promoting this is to let the world breath!

We take too much from nature. Maybe on your day of fasting also you could spend it planting a tree.

Instead of consuming from Nature we are giving and retuning. 

Are you up for it ? 

Lets make this a regular weekly thing!!

I challenge you to a 24 hours fast! 

#fasting #fastingchallenge


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