Keep them trees watered.

 Out last night doing my rounds watering some phantom planted trees around the city. 

Make sure you water newly planted trees guys in this warmer weather. You cant over water them so don't be afraid of giving them too much.

Spent all day yesterday going round checking, watering and tidying phantom planted trees. It's amazing how well some of them are doing. It's a great feeling watching your phantom planted trees thrive!

I've trees everywhere I go, I always phantom plant my trees in all the places I pass by regularly, making it easier to keep an eye on them. One day I'll have my own tree lined avenues all through the city with all avenues leading to the phantom planters HQ!

Most of what society has us programmed to chase and believe is pretty pointless. We use up so much human energy on egotistical BS that when we pass on from this world none of it meant anything at all. I'm very aware of this. The fast cars. big houses, medals, trophies, statuses and titles, its all fuelled with greed, pride and ignorance. 

Its all what the Buddha describes in the Bhavachakra and its keeping us stuck in lower negative vibrations. Generosity and selfless service is a passage out of these poisonous mental states. This is what the Buddha says.

And that goes for being generous to nature too.

I believe the world is so run by out of control Delboys and Arthur Daleys. wheeling and dealing car sales type of men thats just got too big and some of them out there I believe want us buying the air we breath from them one day.

Its us the adults in society that must give the kids the right things to look up too, to make cool all the important things, Look at half the crap being promoted to our children. its all getting a bit out of control.

I'll keep putting out and doing what I feel is right. I think the time has come where we all need to act on things. Get out and plant trees guys and connect to nature. You need it, nature needs it, communities need it.

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Peace and love

I Challenge You To Phantom Plant a Tree!



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