Last years heatwave!

 This time last year this was how many water barrels I was carring around in my van. I did damage to my suspension I was carrying that much! 

Cant say we are having the same heatwave this year, it's been freezing. Yesterday was like a winters day! 

It does save me some time though when its raining so that I dont have to water all the newly phantom planted trees as much, but I would take back that same heatwave now no problem and carry these drums about again. 

I remember this time last year I was waiting until it started to rain before I went on my holiday. The trees came first!

A guy in the gym said are you going on holiday this year and I said yea I am when its starts raining again. Soon as our Northern Ireland weather when back to its usual rain rain rain again I was off.

Last year I had hundresd of trees that needed watering and only I knew where they all are. Everyone of them was attended too and is thriving today. 

So important to water first year phantom planted trees in warmer weather. After that nature does the rest  

Being the Phantom Planter takes up much of my time and I cant live on likes. Popularity on social media is like being rich in monopoly. Everywhere I go these days more and more people are wanting a bit of me. 

If you like to support me on my mission I would really appreciate it.  

Its £3.50 a month on Patreon which you can stop at anytime. You'll also get to read back over some more of my life stories that I dont put anywhere esle. 

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And as always

I Challenge  You To Phantom Plant a Tree!


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