One of my favourite places!

 This is one of my favourite things to do is walking up this mountain stream barefoot. I've been doing this for years. It definitely makes the body move in ways its built for. I was completely immobile for years. Spending my life wanting to be king rat on the monopoly destroyed my body, I couldn't even bend over to try and touch my toes without being in pain and I was only 30! 

I look back over my life at times wondering wtf was that all about. What was I chasing?

My body mind and soul was dying in this crazy pursuit for money and the thing about that game of monopoly is, theres always a higher digit to be got!

Get 10k - you then want 20k -  get the 20k you then want 100k and then its into the millions you want and all you end up buying with it is bigger nooses around  your neck and a never ending list of conformities and never mind the leaches and the vultures! Money brings a whole different type people into your life. Its sad. 

To be honest I never really liked it in the high life, I used to catch myslef on at tines sitting in 5 star hotels chatting with other constipated rich folk thinking these aren't my people. This isn't me, all this BS talk about who's got bigger and better its all a farce. And the staff in them places are just paid to lick your backside. What a fake world it is out there. 

Give me dogs and trees and river streams anyday! 

I got air in my lungs like never before. Spent years not being able to breath right with all the snorting and smoking I did. 



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