Solstice blessings.

 Had the best solstice day ever yesterday. Was up at 3am and headed to The Giants Ring in Belfast which is one of the oldest Neolithic sites in Ireland for some barefoot walking around the henge, then we got to see the best sunrise ever and did some meditation.

Ironically after that I got a mattress order to be delivered to a guy who I would regularly celebrate the solstices and equinox's with but these year he has other things on but he had ordered a mattress from me to be delivered yesterday on the solstice and he said soon as I arrived the cosmos is still bringing us together for the solstice. This is the only times I ever really see this guy is when he does solstice gatherings.

Dont forget guys, Buddha Beds for your luxury mattresses. 

I then headed to Ballynoe stone circles for some more barefoot walking around the stones and just lay there in the middle of the stone circle for about an hour paying my respects to the creation.

What a special place that Ballynoe is, the avenue down to it is lined with hawthorn trees with all sorts of peoples prayers and wishes hanging from them and the view you get when your there looking over the Mourne Mountains aka Narnia is just epic!

Our ancient ancestors sure picked a good place for this.

There was other people there doing rituals who when I was younger I would have called them weirdos, now I'm that weirdo, Walking around barefoot praying!! Funny how life can just take a turn. A magical turn at that for me!

There is a special fairy tree there and I sat and meditated under it and as I was meditating this old white witch type looking lady kept walking around in circles and everytime she passed me she whispered "Good boy". It was strange, at times the whisper sounded like it was coming from the fairy tree.

That evening I went and lit a fire for the sunset and what was uncanny about that the was fire my mate lit was from a mass of apple tree trimmings from pruning his orchard, I'm even inhaling apple trees now, I'm going to become one!

Right on the solstice sunset the full moon just rose above the clouds, we couldn't believe it!! Its been a very rare time having the solstice and the full moon together!

It was a perfect end to a special day!

I couldn't have asked for a better solstice, I feel so connected to all that stuff, I think we all our deep down. We have just been programmed into living in this mental prison, its all a bit mental really and the ones we look up to for guidance in society they're even more mental, this secular none believing society that think this is just it. 

That we are flying through space here in an intergalactic explosion and heres us on this spinning ball just by chance.

The key to escaping this mental prison is within us. All this delusion we are surrounded with is like a finely spun web keeping us entangled, a soul trap if you ask me. 

Theres nothing the ratrace has that tickles me anymore. My spiritual path has given life a whole new meaning for me.

The Buddha has been my guide to all this, after all that's all the Buddha's do is point to the way. All work must be done by us. 

Get planting and chanting guys....

Peace and love


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