Some special apple trees!

 Here is a bunch of special apple trees I've been growing for the past year and a half or so. I did a story on these before about an old apple tree that I had been going to for most of my life to eat apples from and one day I went to see it and developers had ripped it out by the roots and the whole tree was gone. This old tree was well over 100 years old!

I managed to find a few broken branches that was left lying around after the massacre of this ancient apple tree and I got them sent of to Des Scholes in Nairn Scotland as he said he would take a chance and graft them up for me.

I got the branches packed up and shipped over to Des and he got them grafted up onto new rootstock and sent me them back within 24 hours special delivery.

I kept them in my mates greenhouse to see what would happen and nearly all of them took last Spring!

And here they are today thriving!!!

This was a very rare apple tree that was left over from an ancient orchard in an old Estate garden just of Annadale Embankment South Belfast.

There has been a bit of an uproar from other nature lovers as to why this old tree was uprooted. It had a TPO on it and it never should have been removed. But everyone knows these TPO's mean nothing if you've got money to pay the fines.

They are building a new housing development right where this old apple tree lived and I am keeping these apple trees to phantom plant back in a green space at this new development one day when its finished, hopefully I'll get them phantom planted as close as possible to where they're mother tree once stood.

These apples were absolutely delicious and I've yet to see a similar variety about. Maybe I have saved a very rare ancient variety!

I'm going to make up a plaque for these trees also telling this story to put at the trees when I do find the spot in this development to phantom plant them at.

Love a tree with a story, every other tree surrounding these apple trees have special stories and these are all being kept for special phantom plantings one day.

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Peace and Love.....


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