Square holes for tree!

 Some experts say digging a square hole when planting a tree allows for better root growth and development. 

I've no idea if this is true or not,  I always just dig square holes as its easier for me to mark out the size of the hole I'm wanting to make. 

Depending on the size of the tree roots I make the hole  1-4 spade widths. For small bareroot trees I just cut 1 spade width square and for larger potted trees they can be up to 4 spade widths. 

If planting a potted tree like in the pic and its very root bound like this one, set the tree in the hole and gently loosen up the roots trying your best to spread them out in  the hole and pack some nice fresh soil around them. This time of year you want to minimize as much root disturbance as possible when the tree is growing like this. I've seen trees go into transplant shock when not handled carefully. Its also vital to water potted trees every week for the first year. 

When cutting square holes like this it's also a very easy way to keep it tidy and uniform looking, especially when phantom planting on council land. 

Never leave a mess and keep it tidy always, also always phantom planted 5 metres away from roads and paths so falling fruit never causes any issues and plant 5 metres from other trees, walls, lampposts etc. This will allow council grass cutters easy access around the trees to cut the grass. 

And always go back and water and keep your trees tidy, keeping the grass and weeds down around the base of your trees. Try and get your phantom plantings to blend in as much as possible with other council planted trees. 

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